What we carry: Vintage to Modern collectible toys and comics.  We have everything from GI Joe (12in and 3 3/4in), Transformers (G1 to current boxed and loose), He-Man, Hot Wheels, Star Wars (vintage to modern), DC and Marvel characters, Vintage toys from the 60's and up, MEGO, McFarlane products and much more.  We are a shop for both kids and adult collectors alike.

Quick Contact
Tel: 919-719-9087
Welcome to Crowemag Toys!
We here at Crowemag Toys are dedicated to providing the best customer service and experience for all of our customers as possible.  If at anytime you need to contact me for any reason I am available via email or message me on the Crowemag Toys Facebook page.

If you have any questions about product or conducting a sale or trade, I do have the final say on any transaction.  If you feel you are not getting the service you deserve please contact me and let me know.  We can only improve, but we need your feedback to do it.

email:  customerservice@crowemagtoys.com
Phone number to store  919-719-9087

*I do not provide my personal phone as I do have a regular job and may not be able to answer, but I will always respond to emails and Facebook messages.