What we carry: Vintage to Modern collectible toys and comics.  We have everything from GI Joe (12in and 3 3/4in), Transformers (G1 to current boxed and loose), He-Man, Hot Wheels, Star Wars (vintage to modern), DC and Marvel characters, Vintage toys from the 60's and up, MEGO, McFarlane products and much more.  We are a shop for both kids and adult collectors alike.
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Tel: 919-719-9087
Welcome to Crowemag Toys!
Our Staff

Larry Crowe- Owner- Larry started out by working at the Flea Market booth when it was owned by Kyle Coker and known as Fantasy 15 Toys.  For 2 years he helped out every weekend at the booth learning all about the business and the toy lines from every era.  After Fantasy 15 Toys was sold, Larry went out on his own setting up outside at the Flea Market and doing local conventions, building inventory and a customer base.  He branched out to doing national conventions like FX, MegaCon, AdventureCon, and Botcon.  In December 2008, Larry took over the space inside the Flea Market and opened up Crowemag Toys.  Since then the booth has expanded in size, and also spawned a full time store located down the street from the original location.  Even though Larry is a hard core Transformers fan, he also collects Hot Wheels and a few other items of interest, "I never had many toys as a kid so this is a great opportunity to get everything I never had.  I love getting in the vintage toys, not because of monetary value, but because these toys survived time and play and are part of our culture."

Tim Houston- Store Clerk- Tim is our resident and avid video gamer and collector of most thing robotech.  Tim works most evenings and all day Wednesday and Sunday.

Jason Stevens- Store Clerk- Jason is our newest edition and is an avid toy collector himself. You can catch him at the store on some mornings and at the booth on Saturdays.

Brandon Blevins-Store Clerk- Our resident Artist known also as B.Done!  Brandon was recently selected by Topps cards to do hand drawn artwork to be randomly inserted into packs of Star Wars cards coming out later in may.  he was also just asked to do cards for the Walking Dead series.  You can find him at the store on Saturday and the booth on Sundays.